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Baby fashion (0-18 M) from precious natural fibers: silky-soft, healthy and sustainable.



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Organic baby clothing made from Pima cotton

At Mama Ocllo those who truly love special things can find kimono body suits, rompers and dresses for babies between 0-18 months old. Pima organic cotton – the silk of South America – is one of the finest kinds of cotton in the world. Extra long cotton fibres, hand harvesting, as well as a careful processing treatment contribute to the yielding of incomparably comfortable and supple materials, which are characterized by a naturally silky and particularly noble gloss. Our Pima cotton is cultivated exclusively on organic- certified surfaces in Peru. Due to the complete renouncement to environmental poisons, there is no fibre encapsulation, so that the natural breathing activity can be retained. Telma Sousa De Brito, French fashion designer and Peru connoisseur, is responsible for the colourful designs of our feel-good baby clothes.

Good skin tolerance

Midwives have known for a long time about the good skin tolerance of Pima cotton, and its positive effect on babies and infants. Pima cotton is also highly recommended for babies, who suffer from Neurodermatitis or similar skin diseases. The precious Pima fibres let the skin breathe and therefore ensure an ideal baby climate during the day and the night. Pima is very similar to animal silk in feel and thermal features, which is why it is also dubbed “vegan silk”. Materials from Pima flatter the baby´s small body, calm irritated skin and protect against disturbing environmental effects such as smog and a too high exposure to the sun. And the big advantage compared to animal silk: Pima cotton can be washed in the washing machine.

Fair-trade cuddly toys from the Andes

Apart from organic baby clothing, the demanding customer can find hand-knitted cuddly toys and baby accessories from the finest Peruvian natural fibres such as baby Alpaca wool and organic-certified Tangüis cotton at Mama Ocllo. Pepe the Whale and his cotton cuddly friends are knitted from organic-certified Tangüis, a very high-quality and long-lasting kind of cotton. Being completely non-toxic, the cuddly toys can also be unhesitatingly put into the mouth by newborn children. Memo the Sheep and his counterpart Nelly the Sheep are knitted from a high-quality wool mixture. The thread of the Peruvian Alpaca wool is particularly suitable for soft cuddly toys. Both our Alpaca wool (cuddly toys) and the still finer baby Alpaca wool (baby boots) are created in animal-friendly and thus fair conditions.

Fair production conditions 

Kimono body suits, rompers and cuddly toys are 100% produced in Peru. Thus we contribute to the creation of value in our country of origin and promote the economic and personal development of all the persons who took part in the production chain. Our baby clothing is made in a family-led enterprise in Lima, under fair, socially acceptable and safe conditions of work. Our cuddly toys are knitted by women in Puno, one of the poorest regions in Peru. They are trained and remunerated by the Non-profit organization Manuela Ramos, which successfully fights for the rights of women in Peru for over 35 years. With their knitting art, women secure a valuable auxiliary income for themselves and can thereby bring their contribution to the family income.