3 Friends, 3 Cultures, 1 Common Vision & 1 Child

The first meeting

In 2007 our paths crossed for the first time.

MARTINA Sturainer de Cueto, today German Romanist philologist (LMU Munich), started at that time with full enthusiasm her first semester abroad at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). In love with the Spanish language, curious about the Latin American continent, its history and its present, she did not have to think for long, when she was offered to participate in an exchange programme with one of the most renowned universities in Lima, Peru’s capital city. A little colonial history, the basic words in Quechua, seminars about Latin American history of literature and, above all, numerous journeys across Peru, charmed the young literary scholar. The warm-heartedness of the people, the unique variety of the flora and fauna and ultimately the love for a very special man. . .

GUSTAVO Cueto Alvildo, today Peruvian industrial engineer (MBA & Eng., FH Rosenheim), was sitting at the same time his final examinations for his Bachelor’s degree at the PUCP. And as it sometimes happens in life, the majority of the exams preparations took place in the neighbour flat to Martina’s and her flat mate at that time. Peruvians are proud of their country and gladly take time to present the beauty of the Andes state in all its variants to newcomers: the Peruvian kitchen, the hospitality of people and, naturally, the unbelievable variety of the geography (coast – mountains – rain forest). With discovery tours and journeys together, the story of Martina and Gustavo began. Today they are happily married and their biggest pride is their little Miguelito, which has first seen the light of day in September 2013…

TELMA Sousa De Brito, today French-Portuguese fashion designer and linguist (Sorbonne Paris), also made her long journey to Peru in the year 2007. The unique opportunity to complete one semester abroad at the PUCP has also been offered to her. In addition to courses about Latin American colonial history, Telma concentrated on research for her master dissertation on the so-called. Tapadas Limeñas. Thus we called women from Lima, who until the 19th century maintained a characteristic dress style of veiling. In the Quechua language course, the passionate surfer Telma and Martina, who was fond of travelling, met for the first time. And the chemistry was right from the very start. . .

That the three friends would 5 years later develop Mama Ocllo, a fashion label built together, nobody would have probably thought at that time!

MIGUEL ALEJANDRO Cueto Sturainer is, as a youngest team member, the sunshine at Mama Ocllo.

The Wish: A Project with Peru

The only thing, which independently for each of the three was certain, was the desire to start a project with Peru sooner or later. Martina first thought of a PhD with emphasis on Peruvian colonial history, Gustavo wanted to create a company in Peru and Telma planned the development of her own brand of surfing clothes from Peruvian materials. In one respect they agreed at once: Peru has first-class raw materials, and the desire to grow and to develop itself further! We also wanted to grow and continuously develop ourselves. . .

Now it was only necessary to find something, which could meet our high requirements and connected with our know-how. Telma’s knowledge and experiences in fashion design, Gustavo’s practical experiences as an engineer in the Peruvian textile industry and Martina’s professional experiences in international trade and in the bio industry, pushed downright towards one direction. . .

Birth of Mama Ocllo

Our concept was born! Under our private brand Mama Ocllo, we should develop sustainably produced, colourful and limited edition clothing articles from the best bio cotton and rare natural materials!

And the question, why clothing for babies, is very easy to answer with the fact that babies are part of our own personal life phase. And what do loving parents wish more, than being able to offer the best of the best to their babies? Bio quality Pima cotton is luxury for the skin of babies and a valuable source of income for the bio farmers in Peru. We found ways to bring this luxury to Germany in order to also make your babies happy.

… and suddenly there were 4 Friends, 4 Cultures, 1 Child and still more Visions

Since May 2015 Magdalena ist part of the team. With her talents, her visions and her enthusiasm our project Mama Ocllo has become still more lovely and colourful.

MAGDALENA Melonek, born in Poland, University student in Munich, friend of a Green and Vegan Lifestyle, is continuously moving between Poland and Munich Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). Always equipped with her notebook Magdalena supports our Marketing and Communication area.


Neuigkeiten, Tipps und ein Blick hinter die Kulissen von Mama Ocllo