Handgestrickte Mama Ocllo Fingerpuppe (3)Handgestrickte Mama Ocllo Fingerpuppe (3)
Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (4)Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (4)
Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (3)Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (3)
Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (2)Fingerpuppe aus Fairem Handel Mama Ocllo (2)

Mama Ocllo, Finger Doll from Fair Trade, Handmade


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Finger dolls are particularly valuable educationally, because they train the acoustic, optical and sensory perception of babies and infants. Finger dolls are comforters, storytellers and instructors; they fit in every bag and always make one smile.

Also our Mama Ocllo finger doll has a history to tell, meaning her history, as foundress of the Inca Empire, loving mother and a master craftswoman of the art of weaving.

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Production place: Peru

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Product Description

Finger Doll from Fair Trade, Mama Ocllo

Country of origin

100% polyacrylic fibre
23 mm


Cute Finger Doll that resembles the Incan Empress Mama Ocllo: a masterpiece of Peruvian handicraft!


Read our instructions for the care of this cute finger doll: Care instructions

Production at the legendary place of origin of the Inca queen

Many, many years ago, Mama Ocllo, as daughter of the Sun God Inti, has been sent to the Earth, so that she laid the foundation stone for a large empire, the Inca Empire. At that time, so the legend says, she got out of the Titicaca Lake, where she executed her divine mission. Today, near the Titicaca Lake, in the mountain region around the city of Puno, our Mama Ocllo finger dolls are knitted.

The responsible for the necessary training and a fair remuneration is the Manuela Ramos organization, which has been successfully fighting for the rights of the woman in Peru for many years. Their goal is to prepare women living under poor circumstances on the way to a personal and economic independence.


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