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Nelly the Sheep, Alpaca Wool, Knitted Stuffed Animal


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“If today you cannot find any sleep, then I send to you a good sheep…”. Sheep have a reassuring effect on babies and infants; therefore also the beloved sheep make them fall asleep. Nelly the sheep gently accompanies the baby into his sleep, is together with the baby when he wakes up again and brings a smile to the baby, if he is sad.

Note! Each cuddly toy is a hand-made unique object, which can easily differ from the product photo.

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Production place: Peru

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Product Description

Alpaca Wool Knitted Stuffed Animal, Nelly the Sheep

Country of origin

35% Alpaca, 15% sheep wool, 50% polyacrylic fibre
white/light brown
65 g
17 cm


Instead of counting sheep, cuddle Nelly the little sheep and gently disappear in the country of dreams!

Characteristics of Alpaca wool 

  • cuddly soft skin sensation
  • particularly good in regulating temperature
  • isolating
  • antibacterial (good skin tolerability)


Hand washing (Care instruction)

Hand-knitted cuddly toys from fairly obtained Alpaca wool

Our cuddly toys from Alpaca wool are knitted by women under the guardianship of the Non profit organization Manuela Ramos, in complex detailed work. The women’s rights organization trains the women regularly about their personality rights, but also in their arts and crafts. For their products the knitters receive a price, which is far over the usual market average. Thus the organization wants to smooth in the long term the way to a financial independence of women.

The used Alpaca wool comes from a sustainable livestock breading. Alpacas are valuable in Peru above all due to their wool, and therefore efforts are made to obtain its special quality. Alpacas live in the Andes, usually at over 4000 m height, where they are granted enough freedom of movement. The sheering usually follows old traditions and the centuries old experience is the reason why in exceedingly few cases an animal is damaged.


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