Care Guide

Care instructions: Organic Pima and Native Cotton

Washing at 30° C: turn inside out before washing and ironing.

No tumble dryer! In the production of our organic cotton clothes, we have renounced completely to chemical processing, such as shrinkage protection.

In order to avoid shrinkage, no dryer should be used. Moreover, we advise you to put the clothes in their original form after washing and to leave them to air dry afterwards.

Naturally coloured cotton clothes attain their full colour intensity only after the first washing cycles.

Stains treatment can be done the most gently and effectively with curd soap (e.g. from Sonett). The stain has to be pre-treated with soap and put in the washing machine without rinsing.

Natural fibres can be ironed easier, if they are still slightly damp.

Care instructions: Baby Alpaca Wool

Wool is generally very easy to clean due to its self-cleaning characteristics and does not have to be washed regularly. Often it is already sufficient, to let wool products air thoroughly.

Washing: Knitted goods from baby Alpaca wool should be washed in cold to lukewarm water with a little mild shampoo. It is the best if you use the same shampoo as for your baby, so that you save up expensive wool detergents and you can be sure of a gentle cleaning. A short soaking in water is sufficient, but you should rinse several times so that no detergent residues remain in the fibres.

Stains treatment: Curd soap is also marvellously suitable for the stain treatment in the case of wool products. The stained area should be carefully rubbed with curd soap rub, allowed to take effect and then hand washed as described.

Drying: Baby Alpaca should also not be put into the tumble dryer, since the fibres can thus become strained unnecessarily and because wool shrinks easily. The best would be to put your wool products on a dry towel or flat on a clothes drying rack. Put the article of clothing into its correct shape and let it dry in this manner. Avoid direct sun exposure and keeps them away from heaters.

Ironing: Always iron on the lowest setting. Put a damp cotton cloth between the iron and the article of clothing.

Storage: Wool products should generally be kept lying horizontally, in order to retain their original form.

Care instructions: Cuddly Toys from Organic Cotton and Alpaca Wool

Our cuddly toys from Tangüis cotton and Alapca wool should be washed exclusively by hand. Please do not use the dryer or any bleaching agent.