Our textile production chain

Mama Ocllo Baby Fashion is manufactured in a family-run business in Lima, Peru´s capital city. Mariella, owner of the tailoring workshop, is responsable for the manufactore. She purchases finest Pima cloth in GOTS-quality and converts them into premium-quality bodysuits and toddlers.

Mariella is also responsable for the coordination within our chain of production. She programs the dyeing, embroidering, the manufactore and last but not least the transport to Germany.

What does production chain mean exactly?

The production chain means nothing else than the production process of a product. Each product goes through different cycles, until it can be offered for consumption to the final consumer.

The textile production chain begins with the cultivation of cotton. Months after the sowing, the fluffy cotton bundles are harvested by hand. Cotton gins separate the fibres from seeds, leaves and small branches. The natural fibres can now be spun and woven into yarn. Depending upon strength and weaving technique of the yarn, rougher or finer materials are developed.

In a further step the materials are coloured, dried and ironed in large industrial washing machines. And now the finished materials get to the confection industry. They are cut, imprinted, embroidered, sewn and labelled. Et voilà, a few weeks later, the produced textiles are on their way to their destination country.

Did we make you curious and do you want to learn how the production chain of Mama Ocllo baby fashion looks like? Then read on.

Production country Peru

Our Pima cotton originates from Peru, but also our finished kimono body suits, rompers and dresses come from Peru. We could thus print with a clear conscience Made in Peru on our labels.

You surely know that Made in Peru is far from saying anything about which phases of the textile production chain are actually situated in Peru. It would be sufficient that a dress which is manufactured in India, only has one button sewn in Peru in a final step, and it would already be justified to say Made in Peru . The famous Made in is thus no trustworthy quality seal any more, and this since a long time ago.

Why our Made in Peru really means what it says

Our cotton grows in Peru and is harvested by Peruvian cotton farmers. The local manufacturing plants are the ones which weave, colour and print our cotton. And it is a Peruvian family who coordinates and controls the different production cycles.

Mariella, mother of two girls, leads the family business, which has specialized for many years in the production of high-class, bio-quality Pima baby fashion. She is the proud owner of a small tailoring workshop, in which 12 women currently sew kimono body suits and rompers from fine Interlock materials for Mama Ocllo.

Items are cut and sewn directly under Mariella’s supervision. Our Pima materials are coloured, printed and embroidered by trustworthy collaboration partners, who respect the necessary standards (e.g. OEKO TEX 100) and provide the desired quality.

Like in most textile production chains, different suppliers are thus also involved with Mama Ocllo . With the difference that all our partners have their seats in Peru. Why is this so important to us? Very easy, if the majority of the work is only furnished in Peru, the country benefits from this sustainably.