Organic cotton farming

Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton, since the natural fibres are processed in optimal conditions due to hand harvesting and the renouncement to chemicals.

And organic cotton protects against skin irritations (allergies, Neurodermatitis), because the unpolluted processing retains the natural breathing activity of the fibres and thus of the clothes, which our babies wear on their sensitive skin.

Organic quality and socially acceptable conditions of work

Mama Ocllo Baby Fashion uses exclusively GOTS and fair trade certified cotton. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) means the most important present standard of the organic textile industry. This is because controls pay attention not only to the organic quality of the fibres, but also to socially acceptable conditions of work.

Unfortunately, something happens frequently in the case of the choice of producing baby clothing sustainably: Organic is not really Organic and Organic does not automatically mean fair. The conditions of work and the conditions of the cultivation of cotton are too often falsely packed into a label. GOTS ranks among the few standards, which actually takes both criteria into account.

Cultivation and harvesting of organic cotton

Anbau von Bio Baumwolle

Natural Pest Control: flowers as natural pesticides

  • no use of environmental poisons – insecticides, pesticides, defoliants, because these endanger the health of the cotton farmers, and destroys the natural habitat of the flora and fauna. . . Application of natural fertilizers and methods of weed and pest control, in order to maintain the ecological equilibrium of the cultivation areas
  • regular crop rotation for the prevention of monocultures
  • renouncement to genetically modified seeds, since the possible consequences of GMO cotton for health are not yet foreseeable
  • Hand picking makes defoliants redundant and protects the fibres

Processing of organic cotton

  • complete renouncement to chemical additives
  • no machinery for the improvement of colour, gloss and strength or for the protection against creasing
  • no optical brightening agents, heavy metals or chlorine bleach
  • water based prints
  • oxygen bleaching of white articles
  • accessories from natural materials (e.g. Buttons from Tagua)
Bio Baumwolle Webmaschine

 Weaving machine in the Peruvian organic cotton industry.

Socially acceptable conditions of work

Bio Baumwolle Sichere Arbeitsbedingungen

Comfortable working environment in Peruvian family-run business.

  • wages above the securing of basic existence
  • compliance to industrial safety regulations
  • no child labour
  • no forced overtime work