A product on detours – the global creation of value

The value chain of many products is a long one. Begun with the cultivation of raw materials, going through the harvesting, subsequent processing and product refinement up to the transportation of the product to the place of destination. With each step the product increases in value and thus becomes more valuable for the market.

For cost reasons, a semi-finished product often travels for thousands of kilometers, exceeds borders, in order to end up pretty often after a long journey in the sales shelves of its country of origin at favourable prices. Globalization makes it possible, that in spite of the world-wide distribution of manufacturing plants, the price for the final product is frequently lower, than if the entire creation of value chain was concentrated in a single country.

Rainforest in the Peruvian Highlands

Our approach – creation of value without unnecessary detours

We do not support this practice, because we believe that the equation Good Product Quality = Good Quality of Life (for all the people who took part in the production process) does not apply to the low cost sector. Even organic-certified products, which cannot clearly point out a country of origin and step into the market for few Euros, are met by us with a certain degree of scepticism.

We have completely deliberately chosen a country of origin for our organic baby clothing . Our first-class Pima and Tangüis grow in Peru, we look behind to an immemorial tradition of cotton processing, and we have the know-how and the necessary production plants. It would nevertheless be a pity, to buy only the raw materials, which bring little profit to the suppliers, and to look a cheap country for production, isn’t it?

We also cannot avoid the long transportation route. Since how could we meet the requirement, to create an added in value in Peru and this on the shortest possible transportation route?

Peru wishes to grow, its people want to raise their standard of living and we try to make our contribution in this sense!

Familienbetrieb in Lima

Wickelbody wird bestickt

Our bodysuits, toddlers and dresses are manufactured in a family-run business in Lima, Peru´s capital city. The work environment is safe for all employees and the wages paid are above the average.

Handarbeit in den Anden

Frauen in Puno stricken Mama Ocllo Fingerpuppen

In Puno, one of the poorest regions in Peru, Mama Ocllo cuddly toys and baby booties are knitted. Women in the Andes are paid fair prices for their artwork.