Our Philosophy

Like every human being needs goals, dreams and ethics, a company needs a corporate philosophy, core values and a vision.


Mama Ocllo likes to offer the demanding customer organic baby fashion with individual designs and at first-class quality.

At the same time, we contribute to a lasting socio-economic development as well as to the promotion of organiclogical agriculture in Peru. We do not want to extract the raw materials from the country, in order to process these far away from the Peruvian border, but rather a common creation of value within the entire production chain (from the cultivation to the final consumer), which is obtained through the production in the Andes state.


Mama Ocllo offers high-quality rompers, kimono body suits, dresses for babies up to 18 months old, as well as hand-made cuddly toys from a Peruvian woman’s initiative.

In the entire production chain the adherence to international guidelines regarding a sustainable and ecological production (material, manufacturing, environment, conditions of work) are respected.

The continuous development of new products should make a long-term, common growth of Mama Ocllo and our manufacturers possible.

Mama Ocllo suppliers should be able to show necessary certifications and quality proofs at best from the beginning. At least the conditions for a future certification must be fulfilled.

A part of our producers should be settled in economically disadvantaged regions of Peru. The product quality must also be guaranteed in these cases.

Unfavourable effects on the environment must be kept as small as possible during all the commercial activities.


  • Respect, communication and transparency towards our customers
  • Common growth with our Peruvian producers in form of a long-term co-operation
  • Authenticity, reliability and creativity