Premium Quality from Peru

  • Organic cotton protects sensitive baby skin, prevents allergic reactions, preserves the balance of nature and leads to a higher long-term income for our producers.
  • Organic Pima for extra-sensitive baby skin combines unpolluted cotton with silky fibres and therefore offers a very special feeling of well-being. Pima is highly recommended for babies with Neurodermatitis.
  • Organic cotton guarantees socially acceptable conditions of work in the country of origin.
  • Hand-made products generate auxiliary incomes in Peru’s rural areas. 

Our products are 100% manufactured in Peru, because we want to create an added value there, which benefits the entire production chain in the long run.

Organic Quality

Rohstoff Baumwolle Naturfaser

ORGANIC is something everyone is talking about, we come across ORGANIC where we would least expect it, ORGANIC is appreciated and ORGANIC is misused. For Mama Ocllo ORGANIC is more than just a label. It is related with fairness, respect and appreciation.

Pima Cotton

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The jewel of Piura – our cotton has an origin and a name! Transparency bridges the gap between product(ion) and the final consumer, and this is precisely what we want to reach. Only those who know their product can be certain of its quality.

Good for baby´s skin

Pima Baby Schlafanzug Bär (4)

Babies, especially newborns, tend to have sensitive skin, because baby skin does not yet have the natural acid mantle of protection. Our organic-certified fibers let Baby´s skin breathe, have anti-allergic properties and provide wellbeing during day and night.