Baby Boots, 100% Baby Alpaca Wool, Fair Trade, Green


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Size: One Size (flexible foot length of 10 cm, approx. 0-7 months)

These sweet baby boots from the finest Baby Alpaca Wool were knitted with elaborate manual work by women in the Peruvian Andes and keep the baby´s feet comfortably warm during the first 6-7 months of life. Baby Alpaca wool is wonderful in regulating body temperature. The small feet are kept comfortably warm in the baby boots on cold days and do not sweat during the warm months.

Delivery period: immediately available
Production place: Peru

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Fair Baby Boots 100% Baby Alpaca Wool Green

Country of origin

100% Baby Alpaca Wool, fairly traded
approx. 0-7 months (flexible foot length of 10cm)


Only the best for the baby´s small feet: comfortably warm baby boots!

Characteristics of Baby Alpaca Wool (“the gold of the Incas”)

  • cuddly soft skin sensation
  • particularly good in regulating temperature
  • isolating
  • antibacterial (good skin tolerability)

You can find more information about our baby Alpaca wool here: Baby Alpaka Wool

Care instruction for Baby Alpaca Wool

Baby Alpaca wool has a naturally self-cleaning effect. And nevertheless once some mash landed on the Booties, then we recommend hand washing with a mild baby shampoo. Dry in the open air and the baby shoes are ready to use again.

Hand washing (Care instruction)

Baby-Boots: Real Manual Work from Fair Trade

Mama Ocllo baby boots are not only good for the baby but also for our hardworking knitters in the Peruvian Andes. The women are trained regularly by the non-profit organization Manuela Ramos about their personal rights, in addition to their handicraft art. Thus they learn to assert themselves in private matters, but also on the market. The goal is to lead women to financial independence on a long-term basis.


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    Delivery period: immediately available
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