Bio-Kuscheltier-Set aus Biobaumwolle Hasen-Paar (3)Bio-Kuscheltier-Set aus Biobaumwolle Hasen-Paar (3)

Rabbits Pair, Organic Cuddly Toys Set


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Ears, arms and legs make Mummy and Daddy Rabbit quickly become favourites in the baby´s play corner. Because the two hares can be seized and can also unhesitatingly be put into the mouth. The sweet pair of rabbits was hand knitted by women in the Peruvian mountain region from high-quality bio Tangüis cotton and under fair conditions.

Note! Each cuddly toy is a hand-made unique object, which can easily differ from the product photo.

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Production place: Peru

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Organic Cuddly Toys Set, Rabbits Pair

Country of origin

100% Organic Tangüis Cotton (organic certified)
~72 g
~25 cm


Hand-knitted cuddly toys set from fair trade!


  • Feel: very soft due to the long cotton fibres
  • Thermal: extremely absorbing
  • Longevity: particularly resistant and long-lasting
  • Anti-allergic: naturally coloured grown cotton is particularly gentle for baby skin prone to irritations


Hand washing or wool washing course at 20 degrees.

Detailed care instructions you find here: Care instructions

Instead of Ponchos and Chullos, high-quality cuddly toys from the very finest organic cotton

In Peru there are Ponchos and Chullos, people live at over 4000 m height and speak Quechua? All half truths, which make people forget that Peru is a country with precious resources, the finest natural fibres and highly competitive Know-Hows. And yes, in Peru there are Ponchos and Chullos, there are also many people, who live in the mountains high above and actually many people still speak Quechua, the language of the Inca culture.

Our knitters live, speak and dress as described above. But what they produce are the finest knitting garments from natural fibres, as they’ve become appreciated world-wide by designer fashion labels. For their products, the women receive a good price; this is ensured by the Non profit organization Manuela Ramos, which has been successfully fighting for many years for the autonomy efforts of women in Peru.


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