Skin Tolerability

What are certain characteristics that distinguish good from average baby clothing? One of the most important characteristic of a good bodysuit is its skin tolerability.

Body comfort and good temperature feeling

For the production our baby fashion, we use exclusively natural fibres, which guarantee baby comfort and a pleasant wearing feeling during the day, and also, and above all, during the night. Especially during the night hours, the baby´s physical well-being contributes crucially to a relaxing resting phase.

Peruvian Pima cotton (“Vegan silk”) is very breathable, soft and regulates the body temperature. Due to the complete renouncement to chemicals in the cultivation, as well as in the subsequent treatment of the cotton, the thermal and skin-related characteristics of the natural fibres are preserved and create an optimal baby climate, which is expressed again in a particularly good skin tolerance. The baby does not sweat on hot days and due to the storage of body warmth, the baby does not get cold so fast at low temperatures.

Pima Organic Cotton in Case of Neurodermatitis

Organic-certified Pima cotton is highly recommended, due to its good skin tolerability, for babies with neurodermatitis and similar skin diseases. Chemicals in the cultivation of cotton are not only poison for nature but also for the baby´s extra-sensitive skin.

Skin affected by neurodermatitis reacts many times more strongly to toxic materials than normal baby skin. An increasing reddening, intensified itching, scratching and open skin wounds rob the baby’s sleep and make his everyday life more difficult.

Organic Pima cotton feels particularly gently on the skin due to its extra long cotton fibres. Hand harvesting, as well as the renouncement to insecticides and pesticides preserve the natural characteristics and prevent the encapsulation of the natural fibres. Thus the natural breathing activity and the silk-soft feel of Pima cotton are preserved.

We speak from experience

In his first months of life, our little Miguel had to fight with an easy Neurodermatitis. The Neurodermatitis appeared in the form of reddening itching skin portions on the face and on the body. At that time, we tried a lot, numerous creams, almond oil baths and much more yet. But our special attention was on proper clothing, and the skin tolerability connected with it.

Skin is our largest and most sensitive organ. If the baby skin is already irritated, it reacts even faster to poison materials, which are unfortunately much too often contained in baby clothing. Because in spite of regular toxic substances tests, harmful residues from textile production cannot always be completely avoided.

In terms of the material, wool products were taboo right from the start. From my own experience – and I do not suffer from Neurodermatitis – I know that wool causes scratches and itches on sensitive skin. So how does wool have to feel on irritated baby skin?

Silk also did not come into question for us, since it is, on the one hand, a fibre of an animal, and mostly of non-sustainable origin, and on the other hand because it requires chemical cleaning.

Thus the only options that remained were organic quality cotton products or used items on loan from the family, which already had numerous washes and practical tests of skin tolerability behind them.

Well-being for the baby

Pima cotton is also called vegan silk, because it is just as soft and breathable as animal silk. Just by getting a Pima kimono body suit out of the wardrobe, one notices that it feels amazingly cool and airy and one, as a mother, simply gets a good feeling, to dress one’s baby with it.

We always had the impression that Miguel feels good in his Pima bodies. We could also observe that red part on his chest decreased and Miguel scratched himself less. At first we also noticed this with Organic bodies of other kinds of cotton, yet some of them became rough due to frequent washing and had to be replaced. Pima has the advantage that it gets even softer with each washing (as long as the care instructions are taken into account).

As you can read it on our site and see in our video, we produce our organic baby fashion out of conviction. If I made here some advertising on my own account, this is so, because we are convinced of the special characteristics of our cotton. Exactly the same as we are convinced of the idea that only a sustainable production will lead to a positive development for humans and nature on a long-term basis.